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Enjoy a vegan Japanese food experience only possible in Tokyo.

Opened in 2018 in Jiyugaoka, SAIDO is a visionary restaurant that proposes a new interpretation of Japanese food with a food diversity twist that does not use any animal product such as meat or seafood, chemical additives, refined sugar or the 5 pungent roots in its recipes.

Not on the main street, it is located in a quiet hideout-like street frequented by the locals.



In Saido, you can enjoy the new world of Japanese food, along with the liquors and herbal cordials that are carefully selected by our chef.

The cuisine you will enjoy in Saido, will not only fill your body but also your soul as you will only consume fresh and wholesome foods that will nourish both.

So what are you waiting for?



Meguro-ku, Jiyūgaoka, 2 Chome−15-10, Tokyo, Japan, 152-0035